If you have a criminal record, then you probably feel remorse each time you think about your past actions. Maybe you made a careless mistake when you were a teenager, or perhaps you made a mistake as an adult that has followed you for years. Whatever your situation is, record sealing and expungement could help you hide your criminal record and move on. In today’s entry, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common questions we receive about record sealing and expungement.

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Record Sealing and Expungement FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Sealing and Expunging a Record?

When your record is sealed, the criminal record still remains on file; however, it cannot be viewed by the public without a court order. The record remains visible to courts, federal and state law enforcement agencies, corrections agencies, and it will show up on background checks required to purchase firearms. An expunged record, on the other hand, is both sealed and unavailable to state and federal agencies.

Can I Seal or Expunge Any Offense?

It used to be the case that only non-conviction records and offenses that required diversion programs were eligible for sealing. Today, most misdemeanor and felony convictions may be eligible for expungement, depending on other factors which will be discussed in more detail below.

Does Age Play a Role?

Yes, the age at which you committed a crime has a significant effect on the likelihood of your record being sealed or expunged. Crimes committed by minors are often easier to expunge from a record. Criminal records developed as a legal adult will be looked at more closely by the court, but this does not mean that your petition will be automatically denied.

Do Past Convictions Matter?

Yes, the court will look at your entire record in order to determine if sealing your record would be in the public’s best interests. One mistake without any past convictions is more likely to be eligible for sealing and expungement than a crime committed along with multiple previous offenses. Each case is different, and at the Law Office of Lisa Pelosi, we will do everything we can to increase your likelihood of a successful petition.

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We hope that today’s entry will be useful as you begin the process of sealing and/or expunging your record. We plan to continue discussing this topic in a future post, so come back to our blog page in the coming weeks to read the next installment.

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