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Experience Matters When Your Future Is on the Line

If you have been arrested in New York or the Hudson Valley, it’s important that you don’t choose the first criminal defense attorney you find online. Although it’s true that the majority of criminal cases are resolved without the defendant having to go to trial, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks when it comes to your future. You need a criminal defense attorney who is also an experienced trial attorney, and Lisa Pelosi has defended clients both in and out of the courtroom for more than 30 years. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a trial lawyer below, and contact The Law Office of Lisa Pelosi to schedule a free consultation.

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What’s the Benefit of Hiring a Trial Lawyer?

Many lawyers market themselves as criminal defense lawyers, but did you know that many of them have never gone through the process of defending a client against a felony or going to federal court? This is because, as noted above, many criminal cases are resolved without having to go to trial. However, should your case go to trial, you’ll need a confident and knowledgeable attorney who is comfortable telling your story and defending you in front of a jury. Your lawyer will need to know how to cross-examine witnesses, make appropriate motions, and preserve the trial record in the event that you need to file an appeal. Imagine going to trial with a lawyer who isn’t familiar with the relevant processes or has never defended a client in a high-stakes case — how confident would you feel walking into the courtroom with that kind of representation in your corner? With so much on the line, you simply can’t afford to take chances.

Why Choose Lisa Pelosi as Your Trial Lawyer?

Lisa Pelosi is an experienced attorney who has handled cases in family court, federal court, and the Supreme Court. She has more than three decades of experience working in criminal law, including experience as a prosecutor. She understands the ins and outs of the legal system and works tirelessly to create strong cases that put her clients’ needs first and work toward a favorable outcome. She’s known for her tough, but fair, negotiation skills and has built rapport with police, detectives, and prosecutors throughout New York. When you choose Lisa Pelosi, you’re choosing to work with a trial lawyer who will provide you with 24/7 availability and fight tirelessly to protect your rights.

    The silence is deafening when an experienced trial lawyer tells a compelling story that captivates and moves the jury during the closing argument; one Judge once said to Lisa after the not-guilty verdict, “You changed my mind after I heard your closing argument.”


    If you’re facing criminal charges in New York or the Hudson Valley, don’t take the risk of hiring an inexperienced criminal defense attorney. Instead, choose to work with Lisa Pelosi.


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