Record Sealing

Clear Your Criminal Record


Attorney Lisa Pelosi wants to help you expunge your record. Wipe it clean.

If you have a criminal record, we know how much of an impact it can have on your life. You may not be able to get a job, sign a lease, or go to college, not to mention the time spent serving the sentence and then the long-lasting social impacts. If you went through the emotional process of being charged with a crime, convicted, and served a sentence, it’s time to start the process of getting your life back.You have already paid enough for your mistake. Learn more about getting your record wiped clean.

What’s the Difference Between Record Sealing and Expungement?

  • Sealed: A criminal record is still on file; however, it cannot be viewed by the public without a court order. It can be viewed by courts, federal and state law enforcement, firearm background checks, and corrections agencies.
  • Expungement: A proceeding that allows a criminal conviction record to be sealed and unavailable through State and Federal agencies.

At The Law Office of Lisa Pelosi, we not only want to help you fight your criminal case, we also want to help you put that part of your life in the past, for good. Work with us to clean your record.

What Records Can You Have Sealed?

In the past, only non-conviction records and diversion and drug treatment dispositions were eligible for record sealing. Now, those who have misdemeanors and most felony convictions on their record may be able to have their records expunged.

After a 10-year waiting period, courts will be able to seal up to two convictions. This includes a range of crimes (except sex offenses), class A and violent felonies, and only one of the two crimes can be a felony. A record cannot be sealed if you have been convicted of more than two crimes or more than one felony. The 10-year waiting period begins on the date of release from incarceration.

Expunging your record allows you to obtain a job and potentially restore rights that were lost due to a felony or misdemeanor conviction. This is amazing.

Possibly one of the most important things to know about expunging record is that the process can be complicated, it involves filing paperwork and possibly going to court. When you want to finally get back to living a normal life, contact an expungement lawyer at The Law Office of Lisa Pelosi. We can help you clean your record. We care.


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