Plea deals and lenient or shorter sentences often occur for those who are charged with certain crimes,  but there is still a price to pay even when there is no jail time served. Even though staying out of jail is incredibly important for families and individuals, there is still the potential for large fines and community service as well as other social and economic penalties that have to be dealt with that may not have come from the judge. Being charged with a crime is a situation that has long term consequences that are challenging to overcome, but with the guidance and support of a criminal lawyer, there is hope for a successful future. With the help of the legal services of Lisa Pelosi and being conscious of life choices after being convicted of a crime, it is possible to bring back a healthy life.

Meet The Lawyer Who Can Help

Consider Your Citizenship

In the initial consultation with your criminal defense attorney, it is essential to discuss the status of your citizenship. Non-US citizens who are convicted of a crime can face deportation, denial of citizenship, and denial of reentry into the US. It is also wise to consult with an immigration attorney who can advise you on the best course of action in this situation.

Future Employment

The dreaded question on employment applications is if you have ever been convicted of a crime, and it is a challenging one to answer. There are some employment options that are cut off due to a conviction, such as school districts won’t hire a convicted sex offender or some agencies will not grant you a license or a permit if there is a felony conviction in your past. There are some positions that are required to handle chemicals that may not be possible if there is a drug conviction. The criminal lawyers at My Criminal Attorney will do our best to ensure a sentence that does not completely end career options in your chosen field.

criminal defense attorneyPublic Disclosure

Everyone has access to your criminal conviction at the clerk’s office, so even though it can be tempting to exclude this information on an employment application, it could lead to termination, which further increases the challenges of finding employment. Keep in mind that a report at the clerk’s office could show incorrect information. For example, if the original charge was felony grand theft, but it was pleaded down to a misdemeanor, the report could continue to show it as a felony. You do have access to your own report and are able to dispute any incorrect information.

Your Reputation and Rights

A felony conviction is no easy task to recover from and the reputation is possibly the most difficult part. In New York State, if you are convicted of a felony, you are prohibited from being granted a gun license and serve on a jury. If the felony is related to a sexual crime, nearly every state will have some type of sex offender registration requirement.

Even though it can seem like it’s impossible to restore some semblance of your former life after a felony conviction, you can be confident that life can return to normal with the guidance of a passionate lawyer at My Criminal Attorney. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, contact the criminal lawyers at The Law Office of Lisa Pelosi.