When facing criminal charges, it’s not the time to put your life, reputation, and finances on the line and trust in an inexperienced criminal lawyer to fight for your case. It’s the time to contact a law office who has years of experience with the New York system and who knows the ins and outs of how it works. Your case is unique from every other case and should be treated as such. If you are considering defending yourself or hiring a lawyer who may save you some money due to their inexperience, here are some things you can expect from a criminal lawyer who you place 100 percent of your confidence in.

criminal defense attorney

    • Negotiate a Plea Bargain: In many cases, prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate with defendants who are representing themselves. In order to get a reduced sentence, it is sometimes necessary to plead guilty and this process is complicated with a lot of terms and confusing language. Even inexperienced lawyers can have difficulty working with prosecutors to agree on terms that are in your best interest.
    • Sentencing Program: If you are found guilty, an experienced criminal lawyer will work to find an appropriate sentencing program that can help you stay out of the criminal justice system. For example, instead of spending five years in prison for a drug related offense, it could be negotiated that you spend just six months in prison and then the another four months are spent at a drug treatment facility where you can seek help.
    • Emotional Support: Criminal lawyers have a lot more to offer than just legal advice and defense. When you are putting your trust in their hands, you can also expect someone to rely on them emotionally. The entire process can be stressful and overwhelming and the calming demeanor of a confident lawyer may help you stick through the more challenging aspects.
    • Criminal Lawyer New YorkAware of Rules and Regulations: Someone defending themselves may be able to do some quick research on courtroom rules and regulations; however, there are many intricate details inside the legal system that are hard to maneuver. If the police conducted a search of your apartment, would you know if it was legal or not according to the fourth amendment (a person’s right to privacy)?
    • Consequences of Pleading Guilty: When you do agree to plead guilty in order to receive a lesser sentence, there are consequences that you may not be aware of when defending yourself. Are you willing to try finding a job with a guilty plea on your record? It can be challenging dealing with the social and financial effects of having this on your record.

Overall, working with an inexperienced lawyer or trying to navigate the system and defending yourself can be extremely risky. When you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer, it’s best to go with someone you can trust and who has the most experience and knowledge about the legal systems. When your future is at stake, go with Lisa Pelosi. She has worked in New York City for years and can defend your case to the best of her ability. Give us a call today for a free consultation.