Robbery and theft are two of the most common reasons that people get arrested. To the surprise of many, robbery and theft do not mean the same thing. Being charged for robbery is one thing and theft another. Given that so few know the true difference between these two accusations, the team at the Law Office of Lisa Pelosi wanted to take some time to clarify what separates them from one another. 

What Theft & Robbery Have in Common

The primary reason that these two wind up being associated and confused with one another is because they do have something very significant in common: the taking of someone else’s money or property without their permission. The act of how the other person’s belongs were taken is what separates the two. Now that you have an idea of what makes them similar, let’s dive into how they differ. 

What is Robbery?

Robbery is the use of force to take someone else’s money or property. Because there is force involved in this crime, it is the more serious of the two. In most instances, charges of robbery will occur when one has taken belongings without consent and directly from the person. In most cases of robbery, there is some sort of threat or force that insinuates threat against the person whose belongings are being taken. It is this factor that makes it the more severe crime of the two.

With that being said, in most instances, robbery is recognized as a felony. Depending on the situation, there are a myriad of punishments and charges that could be associated with this type of charge. 

What is Theft?

Theft is taking the money or property of another person without their permission. As we stated above, theft does not insinuate the use of physical force to take the belongings of another, which is why it is not as serious of a charge. Because there is no force used, the taking of another’s money or property often happens while the other individual is not present. This also means that instances of theft can cover a lot more ground. For example, taking money without authorization is considered theft. Taking items off of a property without approval can be regarded as theft. 

While these seem like harmless circumstances, the one thing that will be considered is whether or not the party whose items were taken is accusing of theft as well as whether or not there were intentions of keeping the things or money permanently. Both factors will undoubtedly be considered if the case is brought to court. 

As we mentioned earlier, theft is the lesser of these two crimes. Though that is the case, there is a chance of theft charges being considered a felony, though theft charges are more likely to be considered a misdemeanor. Similar to charges of robbery, punishments and charges for theft will vary based on the circumstances. 

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