Getting arrested is never an ideal situation. Unfortunately, there are still times where this will happen, and when it does, you want to make sure that you know what to do. The Law Office of Lisa Pelosi wants to ensure that you’re prepared if you ever find yourself in this situation. That is why, in today’s blog post, we are going to go over a few of the things that you are going to want to know in these instances. Let’s dive right in. 

Why Are You Getting Arrested

The moment that you are getting arrested, you need to ask why you are being arrested. Even if you have an idea as to why the police have you detained, you absolutely need to ask. If they don’t have a legitimate reason to arrest you, this information will come up during your court case. 

Call For Help

Once you have been dropped off at the jail, you want to ask for a phone call. Again, depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you may want to let someone know what’s happening. If it’s shortly after the arrest, there isn’t much that they can do quite yet. Even so, contacting a family member or friend is a great way to be proactive with this downtime. They can start to work on getting bail money set up or start finding a bail bondsman to work with so that you can get released as quickly as possible. 

Receive Your Bail

Bail is one of the factors of arrest that people are often familiar with. That is, until they arrested. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t know the amount of bail that needs to be paid upon release (unless there was a warrant) until a judge has set it. In most instances of unexpected arrests, it can take a couple of hours to determine what the bail has been set to. In worst case scenarios, it could take a day or two. Make sure that regardless of how long it’s taking to figure out the bail, you keep someone in the loop so that you can get it paid as quickly as possible. 

Ask For a Lawyer

Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, asking for a lawyer is one of the very best things that you can do. Up until that point, practicing your right to remain silent may be in your best interest. When they say that anything you say can and will be used against you, they mean it. So, before you go building a case against yourself, remain silent and simply ask for a lawyer. 

Contact Lisa Pelosi

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